Charleston, SC Harbor Fly Fishing

It seems as though Spring is actually here in Charleston, SC.  The weather is starting to become more stable and our day time temperatures are in the mid 70's.  The water has also warmed up quite a bit, averaging temperatures in the mid 60's.  Unfortunately, the wind is still cranking almost daily but if you're able to get out early for the sunrise fishing it has been really nice.  Captain Braden Powell has had the pleasure of taking out some first time fly fishers recently and he had a lot of wind but was able to find some happy fish.   


Ned Taylor and his father were visiting from Boston, MA this past week and called FishWater Outfitters for an early morning fly fishing trip.  It was a high tide at about 7:45 am so we met at the boat ramp at 7 to get a start on the day.  Thankfully, it was a beautiful morning with minimal winds but tons of gnats!  Always a good idea this time of year to wear long pants and long sleeves for fishing charters as the gnats will chew you up otherwise.  Once we were at our first flat, the tide was still coming in and the Redfish were following the water up into the grass.  We were really hoping to see some tailing fish, but due to water temperatures and lack of bait, the Redfish aren't tailing yet.  I would imagine that within the coming weeks, the water will continue to warm up and plenty of bait will return to the marsh and the fish will begin tailing.  After seeing a handful of fish floating just below the surface and getting some really good opportunities and casts at those fish, only for them to swim under the fly and not eat, Captain Braden Powell decided to move to another flat.


After we ran up the Wando River about fifteen minutes or so, we came to another great flat were the water was still high but had started to fall.  Its always best to fish while the tide is moving, whether flooding or ebbing.  The fish are always more active when there is tidal current pushing bait around for them to eat.  We were happy to see more Redfish floating around in the top of the water column, easily showing themselves for a properly presented fly or lure.  Thankfully, the cast was great and Ned Taylor was hooked up to his first ever Redfish!  The fish fought hard and took a handful of nice runs to add to the excitement.  After taking a couple quick pictures, Captain Braden Powell released the fish back into the water to let him be caught another day.  All of our Captains and Guides at FishWater Outfitters practice catch and release and try to handle the fish that we catch with the utmost respect and care to ensure they swim away healthy.  We think that it is very important to practice ethical techniques for catching and releasing these fish.  We all want the fish population to be as healthy and strong as possible for future fishing!  


If you are visiting Charleston, SC for business, vacation or live near by and are interested in an inshore light tackle and fly fishing charter with FishWater Outfitters and Captain Braden Powell please click below to schedule your trip!  

Also, if you are interested in fly fishing trips in Montana from the town of Ennis, don't forget that FishWater Outfitters and Ennis, MT fly fishing guides will be there from June to October fishing daily on The Madison River.  

Whether in the beautiful Lowcountry Marsh surrounding Charleston, SC or floating down the Madison River in Ennis, MT, FishWater Outfitters and Captain Braden Powell will help you have a great day on the water and hopefully catch that fish of a lifetime!