Inshore Fly Fishing

March Fishing in Charleston, SC

Well, we've had some pretty typical March weather here in Charleston, SC.  Theres been some days in the upper 70's and some in the 50's.  The weather fluctuates often this time of year, but, the one thing we can almost always count on is the Wind!  In my experience it seems as though some of the Redfish are starting to break out of their large winter schools and feeding on the flats in pairs or small groups.  We've been fortunate in the past two weeks to have some great mornings on the water Fly Fishing for Redfish.  We are still targeting the fish on the mid-morning falling tide, fishing from sunrise through the low tide and for a couple hours on the incoming tide.  In addition to the falling tide, we have had good success finding fish feeding happily throughout the first couple hours of the incoming tide before there is too much water on the flats.

Charleston, SC Redfish

Redfish on Fly!

 I was fortunate enough to take Andrew Lincoln of Greensky Bluegrass and Bain Stewart, fishing one cold and windy morning last week.  Although the temperatures dropped and the wind was howling out of the worst possible direction, Lincoln got a couple Redfish to eat the fly!  Lincoln is a great fisherman and a very talented light director for Greensky Bluegrass.  Bain is a very talented photographer and videographer and has thankfully shared some of the shots from the trip with us. 

The Inshore Fly Fishing in Charleston, SC should only continue to get better as the water and weather warms up.  We still have available dates throughout the spring, so give us a call to get out on the water  and enjoy The Lowcountry!

Andrew Lincoln with a great Redfish on Fly

Another great shot from Bain

Celebration after releasing the Redfish